Foreign Fishing Trips

Had enough of trying to land old “Bubba the bass” or does the thought of another vacation standing next to the Joneses fishing on the pier produce a shiver up the spine? Then it might be time to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

If the angler in the family is tired of fishing that trout stream in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, maybe it is time to book a fly fishing vacation to Russia. Rather go deep-sea fishing, take a look at the trip packages offered in Australia where 90 percent of the population lives within 10 miles of the ocean.

Southeast Asia

Fishing vacation trips are offered to parts of the world most people would never associate with the sport, Cambodia and Viet Nam for example. Still the region lays claim to the richest freshwater fishing resources in the world. Imagine telling the folks around the water cooler you just got back from a two-week fishing trip down the Mekong River, home of the giant Mekong catfish.

When the travel brochure says “giant,” it is not a marketing play. These fish get to be upwards of three feet long. Catfish too mundane? There also is the chado (or giant snakehead) and the giant bagarius waiting to be hooked. It also would seem that a keyword for fishing these waters is “giant.” Because the natural resources are so rich and the fishing industry so undersized, there are many very big fish to be had there. Chartering a boat also is much cheaper than in more developed areas. Instead of paying approximately $100 per person, think more along the lines of $25 each for a day on a charter boat.

Less Exotic

A far safer bet would be to stay on the North American continent. Outside the United States, both Canada and Mexico have robust fishing tourism industries. Particularly in Mexico, fishing can be combined with other sight seeing activities and a stay at the beach. Any prime tourist location in Mexico (outside of Mexico City itself) is going to have a plethora of saltwater fishing packages available.

While saltwater fishing also can be found in Canada, the main draw here is the Great White North’s beautiful and lush green wilderness. The country has a seemingly endless catalog of rivers and lakes filled with fish. Unfortunately the beaches have a little less to offer.