Package Tours

Going on a fishing trip is not complicated. With very simple equipment and a little knowledge, just about anyone can get out to a pond or lake and have a decent chance at reeling in some fish. That does not mean a fishing vacation has to be a simple operation.

There are more types of fishing vacation package tours out there than one could shake a graphite pole at. Tours are available to just about any part of the United States and most anywhere in the world where there is water and fish to swim in it. In fact, depending on how much vacationers want to spend, the most difficult part of planning such a trip is deciding where to go and what type of fish to catch.

Advantages of the Package

One of the best selling points for a packed fishing vacation is that most all the essentials are included in the price. While experienced anglers are proud of their graphite and composite rods, their “gold” series spinning reels, and softside tackle boxes, all that equipment can be difficult to pack for an airplane trip. Not having to lug all that stuff around makes the vacation seem more like a vacation.

Another advantage is that the vacationer is also buying the expertise of the trip provider. That means no hunting around for the best “fishing hole,” and less chance of coming back empty handed. Also, many of the package tours go so far as to include lunch in the deal, at an added price which totaled to $75 extra in one package offer.

Where to Go

With most everything done for the angler, the biggest decision is where to go. In this the vacationer can think globally. If a place has fish and the party can get there without getting shot, anglers can book a trip there. As such some of the most popular destinations also happen to be popular vacation spots for non-anglers.

Two really popular destinations in North America are Canada and Mexico. British Columbia in Canada boasts beautiful wilderness, with streams filled with trout and lakes filled with any number of species. A place like Cabo San Lucas in Mexico can counter with beautiful beaches and beautiful people, not to mention top-notch deep-sea fishing.

There are hundreds of destinations less exotic but all are going to have a pretty good price tag. Expect to pay at least $100 a night for a hotel room (maybe less in the off season) and upwards of $300 for a cottage. The fishing component of the tour will be running into the hundreds also.

Instruction Schools

While it probably will not qualify for community college adult learning credit, another type of package tour is a fishing school. Even somewhat experienced anglers can benefit from these, especially if the school specializes in a more complicated style, such as fly fishing or ice fishing.

An instructional school usually will include hands-on and personal tutoring regarding casting techniques, bait preparation, location and habits of the fish, and safety tips (particularly important for ice fishing). These schools also will provide all the equipment needed. For a two- or three-day weekend trip, expect to pay at least $300 per person, not including travel expenses.