Trout Fishing

If float fishing for bream is elementary school for new anglers, then fly fishing for trout is graduate school. Although devoted fly fishermen will swear “it’s not that hard,” even experienced anglers can have trouble not wrapping themselves in fishing line.

Still, there are not many better commercials for a fishing vacation than video of anglers, in hip waders, out in the middle of a mountain stream, with creel slung over their shoulders, rod and line whipping back and forth overhead. While it might be possible to fish for trout without a fly rod, but there really does not to seem to be much point in it.

Zen and the Art of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for trout is one of those “Zen” activities combining physical activity with spiritual serenity. Physical activity since the angler is constantly whipping the bait back and forth to attract the trout, and mental serenity to overcome the frustration of hooking a tree limb or a passing bat that might try to gobble up that alluring fly (bug) in mid-air.

Trout fishing vacations also are some of the most popular. They combine usually rustic settings with the advantage of, in the summer, the cooler climes of the mountains. Package tours abound, some ranging into the thousands of dollars for even a weekend at an exclusive fishing retreat.

Fly Fishing School

For those who have little or no clue how to work a fly, a trout fishing vacation still is possible. For these anglers, it is time to go to school (and that does not mean a school of fish). These fly fishing schools offer instruction in equipment, casting techniques, and tying knots.

Instruction at one of these schools will include time both in the stream and in the classroom. Learning how to tie one’s own flies can be just as important and difficult as the correct casting technique. Expect to pay upwards of $500 (maybe less if booked with a group) for the experience. As usual, any gratuity for the professional staff that helps land those feisty trout is extra.

Guided Tours

There also is brisk business in trout fishing for guides and package tours. These can encompass the entire family as some feature day or weekend river trips. Camping by the river, trout sizzling over a crackling fire might appeal to many, even those not wanting to get too wet. These trips also are pricey. A weekend stay at a fish camp also would incorporate the backwoodsmanship but without as much expense.

Of course, for those comfortable with their fly fishing skills, there are many lodges, retreats or publicly available streams where the angler can go it alone if need be.