Fishing in the USA

Anglers looking for the perfect fishing vacation can choose from any spot in the world that has water, but they do not have to do that. Virtually any type of fishing an angler could want can be found somewhere in the United States. Fresh water or salt, it can be found and caught.

Of course certain regions of the country are better known for certain fish, although variety abounds. For instance, bass fishing often is associated with the Southeast, salmon fishing with the Northwest, and trout fishing in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Thinking saltwater? How about deep-sea fishing and Florida? That would be a natural association since the state is almost surrounded by the stuff.

Arizona Bass Fishing

These are natural assumptions but the angler also can think outside the brook, so to speak. How about bass fishing in Arizona; crappie fishing in Nevada? Both of these are advertised excursions to be found on the internet, and the list of possibilities goes on. For devoted anglers this can become a quest.

By far, the freshwater fish of the most popularity is the bass – largemouth primarily, but followed also by the smallmouth and striped. This largely is because bass were stocked in so many reservoirs and lakes during the middle of the 20th century, partly because of a number of massive public works projects to ensure an adequate supply of drinking water for the nation.

As such, bass can be found just about anywhere and devoted followers of the sport fish can pick and choose which lake next to visit. It is one thing to say you can catch the local bass in Georgia, but how about Tennessee, Arkansas, or even Oregon?

Fly (Me to the) Fishing

Few sportsmen are so devoted to their specialty as are fly fishermen. While anyone could take a fly rod down to a nearby pond, serious aficionados of the sport are not happy unless they are knee-deep in some mountain stream miles from civilization. New England boasts great venues for fly fishing, but so does the Southwest.

It would seem the decision on where to go for fly fishing might depend on one’s choice of scenery, rather than the fish. If Maine streams are a little chilly this time of year, certainly there is a warmer state where the trout are running.

Saltwater Fishing

There is one limitation to those looking for deep-sea action, they have to go to a place near the ocean; the Great Salt Lake does not count. Still that is not too much of a limitation, especially when one considers that the list of possible destinations now has Hawaii at or near the top of the list. From surf casting and pier fishing to charter tours and deep-sea excursions, there are options from which to choose from San Diego to Saco (that’s a small town outside Portland, Maine).