Fishing Vacations Offer a Range of Freshwater and Saltwater Options for Individuals or Families

“Gone fishin’” is a nearly universal euphemism for being on vacation. It seems only natural then that planning a vacation around fishing would be a natural choice. Fishing is the perfect vacation combining sport, relaxation, communing with nature, and a free source of food. Catching that free dinner, though, can cost a pretty penny.

There are all sorts of fishing vacations, from weekend trips with the kids to a nearby lakefront campground to an extended packaged tour to some of the world’s most remote and exotic locations.

The First Decision

The first decision that needs to be made before planning a fishing vacation is what type of fishing holds the most appeal. The most basic breakdown would be between freshwater and saltwater, but that is just the beginning. What type of fish is the angler after – bass or trout, mackerel or salmon? Does the family head for the local state park campground or the luxury hotel in Cabo San Lucas?

Fishing vacations come in all shapes and sizes, complex or simple. They can be organized around loading up the car with fishing rods and sleeping bags or calling a travel agent or professional fishing guide.

All Year Round

These trips also can be taken any time of year. Although the first thought might be to catch the bass biting at the beginning of spring or the blues running in autumn, trips can be taken any time of year, even in the dead of winter if the angler does not mind cutting a hole in the ice.

If properly planned it also is a vacation where even the novice angler can have as much fun as the serious sports fisherman. The only essential purchase is a fishing license; it is possible to rent nearly everything else, from a rod and reel, up to a boat and crew, including a catered lunch.


For families, it is a way to share time together and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Moms and dads, sons and daughters all can enjoy the vacation, even if the idea of skewering a worm onto a hook is “like totally gross.” It is a pastime someone does not have to be good at to enjoy and one at which a complete beginner can be more successful than a seasoned pro.

Even vegetarians can enjoy the sport by employing catch and release techniques. The angler gets the thrill of reeling in the prize and the fish gets the worm (or piece of cheese or hunk of bread) suffering only a sore lip. This guide discusses a range of possible fishing vacations with some suggestions on where to go and what to take.